Zero to Deep Learning Bootcamp

A 5-day full-time training that brings you from Zero to Deep Learning® with Keras and Tensorflow



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Why Zero to Deep Learning?

If you need to learn the foundations of Machine Learning and Deep Learning comprehensively and quickly, our Bootcamp is for you. It balances breadth and depth, and delivers you a 5-day immersive full-time introduction to cutting-edge ML and DL techniques using Python.

Who Should Attend?

Software Engineers, Software Engineering Managers, and Data Analysts seeking to upskill in Machine Learning & Deep Learning.
Why choose ZTDL?
Mon – Fri, 17 – 21 September 2018
San Francisco, California (venue to be announced)
We will accept a maximum of 150 participants
Early bird – SOLD OUTGeneral registration $3,800 (15% discount off $4,500 door price)

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5 full days of Knowledge and Skill

You’ll get versed in Data Visualization, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. These are the elements that come together to make driverless cars, to recognize faces, to market products, and to drive big decisions from big data.

You will Build:
  • A language detector
  • An image recognition engine
  • A sentiment classifier that can decipher the tone of text
  • A spam detector that can triage sms messages
  • A forecasting algorithm that predicts future energy consumption
  • A deployed API that predicts phone location from wifi signal
  • A final project of your own
  • And more …
Final Project
  • Apply what you have learnt immediately
  • Collaborate with a team
  • Build an application end-to-end
  • Show off your results
  • Immediately bring back value to your organization
In the past people have built:
  • An algorithm to forecast the price of Bitcoin
  • A mobile application to recognize objects
  • A web application to detect toxic language in comments
  • And more …
The most up to date curriculum with best practice teaching

The curriculum is specifically crafted to make Deep Learning accessible to a broad range of students and professionals. The bootcamp is fully immersive – you will be hands on throughout. Classes are a mix of lectures, practical exercises, Q and A, supported by teaching assistants to make sure each person is progressing throughout the bootcamp.

Trusted by industry

Fra SF

Francesco Mosconi is at the cutting edge of Machine Learning and Deep Learning. He specifically excels in teaching it to people like you. He is the author of the book ‘Zero to Deep Learning’.

Francesco works with Fortune 500 companies and startups, building capabilities in data science, assisting them harness the power of machine learning and deep learning to achieve their goals. The overwhelming feedback we receive is how effectively Francesco teaches the complexities of ML and DL in an understandable way – and that’s why we’re doing ZTDL Bootcamp!

He’s got the credentials too – he previously served as lead Data Science instructor at General Assembly and The Data Incubator. He was Chief Data Officer and co-founder at Spire, a YCombinator- backed startup that invented the first consumer wearable device capable of continuously tracking respiration and activity. He earned a joint PhD in biophysics at University of Padua and Université de Paris VI and is also a graduate of Singularity University summer program of 2011.

  • We focus on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and neural networks with Python
  • We balance breadth and depth. By the end you will know enough of the foundations of ML and DL to bypass the painful part of approaching a new subject, and take your learning curve from months to days.
  • It’s 5 days, and immersive. There are many 1-2 day courses available, but generally, we think these are too short. The appeal of part-time courses is you can complete them while working full-time. Participants often, however, don’t make the time and mental space to learn and get less value. We believe immersive is best, and 5 days is the sweet spot between time out of the office, and learning powerful content with a positive return on investment.
  • Our courses are self-contained, hands-on and interactive


  • Recognize where to use Machine Learning
  • Select the most appropriate technique
  • Load & manipulate data with Pandas
  • Visualize and explore data with Matplotlib & Seaborn
  • Build regression, classification and clustering models with Scikit-Learn
  • Evaluate model performance with Scikit-Learn
  • Build, train and serve a predictive model using Python, Flask and Heroku
  • Dive into fundamentals of deep learning
  • Understand why deep learning is so popular
  • Develop Fully Connected, Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Speed up performance using cloud GPUs
  • Build object recognition models for Image Classification
  • Build NLP application for Sentiment Classification and Language Modeling
  • Understand Embeddings once and for all
  • Piggyback on the shoulders of giants with Transfer Learning
  • Forecast Time series and predict the future
  • Discover why Tensorflow became the no. 1 deep learning framework
  • Debug your models with eager execution
  • Dive into the Estimator API and build custom estimators
  • Scale up to large Datasets with the Data API
  • Debug your models with Eager Execution
  • Learn all about the Tensorflow graph, session and variables
  • Use Tensorboard to visualize training progress and model performance
  • Deploy your models to production with Tensorflow Serving
  • Listen to the experience of experts who deployed deep learning in the real world
  • Learn best practices for deployment
  • Discover the most popular solutions for model management

What our graduates say in their Yelp reviews

Attended all of the workshops. Probably some of the best instruction I have ever received. The materials are nicely balanced between theory and practice. The teaching style is dynamic and participatory and the quality of classroom discussion is very high. I got a lot out of this.

Andrew F.

Francesco is very knowledgeable and a very good instructor. I came in with just a bit of experience in data analysis and found the analytics course to be extremely engaging and useful; the pace, class-size, and material was perfectly balanced in a way that served people at many different experience levels. Dataweekends is clearly meant to be a fast-paced survey of the tools, techniques, and concepts of the field, and a way to ignite curiosity for further study. I've already started applying the material from this past weekend and I am looking forward to taking the machine/deep/reinforcement learning courses in the future.

Demetris R.

This workshop is really worth going, it is not just for who don't know anything about ML but also for people who know and want to fill the gaps. There is so much you can learn in the workshop. This is a nice experience since you can meet others and learn. Well spent weekend, Francesco teaches very well. He has lot of knowledge and also makes it simple for others to understand. I would highly recommend this workshop for everyone who wants to learn ML.

Anusha B.

Participated in ML with Scikit/ Pandas workshop; Francesco was great in designing and delivering this course with a great team participation. The course has well balanced theory and hands on practical coding sessions. Really like to impromptu ' competitions' which kept us engaged and learning fun. Thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend this course for any one who wants to take their ML knowledge to next and practical level. Weekend well spend with a great team

Ramesh D.

Zero to Deep Learning Bootcamp is right for you if you:

  • Want the best available introduction to Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Need to upskill – fast!
  • Want a solid overview of ML and DL techniques
  • Work in a company where ML and DL is becoming increasingly important (most companies)
  • Are working in a project, or have an upcoming project which requires ML and DL skills
  • Are a manager and need a robust understanding of ML and DL to manage your team
  • Want to upskill to access new employment opportunities or promotions
  • Are considering taking an advanced Computer Science degree and want an overview of Machine Learning and Deep Learning to help decide where to focus


We also have many data analysts attend to upskill in Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Our participants come from top tier Silicon Valley companies, as well as start-ups. We regularly conduct in house training at the top tech companies in the world, and our teaching is best in class.


ZTDL bootcamp is proudly brought to you by Catalit

We are a Data Science consultancy doing what we love: helping companies and individuals acquire skills and knowledge in the field of data science and harness the power of machine and deep learning to reach their goals.

San Francisco

San Francisco

Next city to be announced soon

Next city to be announced soon!


What is included in the price?

  • Pre-course exercises, readings, and preparation
  • 5 days immersive Zero to Deep Learning Bootcamp
  • Full code examples for exercises and applications
  • One copy of the Zero to Deep Learning book
  • Cloud computing requirements during the Bootcamp
  • Delicious morning and afternoon tea, lunches and snacks
  • Networking with peers
  • Dinner recommendations
  • Meetup recommendations

What is not included in the price?

  • Travel costs
  • Medical Insurance
  • Breakfast and dinners

Are there any prerequisites?

  • Python programming
  • Basic knowledge of linear algebra (Vectors & Matrices)

Why us?

We offer the perfect mix of theory and practice. We deliver content in an engaging, fun and practical way. You will not just listen, you will learn how to solve problems on your own through practical, hands-on, exercises.

Why Python?

Python is the standard in data science and machine learning. It has a very mature set of libraries and a large user base. It’s easy to learn and it’s a full stack programming language that caters to data scientists and software engineers. You can build anything with Python.

Why Keras?

Keras is the simplest deep learning library for Python and it is fully integrated with Tensorflow. It allows for easy and fast prototyping, it supports most popular model types, and it comes with lots of tools to make deep learning approachable and fun

Why Tensorflow?

Tensorflow is the most popular machine learning and deep learning library and it allows to perform deep learning at scale. It is conceived for Google-size datasets and deployments and it has both a high-level and low-level API. It’s ecosystem includes much more than neural networks, spanning from probability models to decision trees. Tensorflow models can be deployed to servers, web applications in javascript, native mobile apps and more.

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