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Why Zero to Deep Learning?

If you need to learn the foundations of Machine Learning and Deep Learning comprehensively and quickly, our 5-day Bootcamp is for you. It balances breadth and depth, and delivers you an immersive full-time introduction to cutting-edge ML and DL techniques using Python, Keras and Tensorflow.

Who should attend?

Software Engineers, Software Engineering Managers, and Data Analysts seeking to upskill in Machine Learning & Deep Learning.

Recent participants are from AirBnB, GE Digital, VMWare, Splunk, Change Healthcare plus several others.

Past speakers include Pieter Abbeel Prof at UC Berkeley and AI/Robotics global expert.


What will I learn?


Machine Learning with Scikit

  • Recognize where to use ML

  • Select best techniques

  • Manipulate data with Pandas

  • Visualize data with Matplotlib

  • Solve regressions & classifications

  • Evaluate model performance

  • Serve models with Flask & Heroku

Deep Learning with Keras

  • Understand DL fundamentals

  • Build Fully Connected Neural Networks

  • Train Convolutional Neural Networks

  • Design Recurrent Neural Networks

  • Discover Embeddings

  • Leverage Dropout & Batch Norm

  • Use GPUs to train faster

Deep Learning with Tensorflow

  • Discover why TensorFlow is popular

  • Turn Keras models into Estimators

  • Debug models with Eager Execution

  • Scale to large dataset with Data API

  • Learn about Core API

  • Tune performance with Tensorboard

  • Deploy models using cloud services

Applications you will build

  • Predict the price of a house

  • Detect language of a text

  • Recognize an object in an image

  • Classify the sentiment in a sentence

  • Forecast future energy consumption

  • Deploy an API that predicts phone

  • location from wifi signal

What our recent graduates say


Andrew F.

“Attended all of the workshops. Probably some of the best instruction I have ever received. The materials are nicely balanced between theory and practice. The teaching style is dynamic and participatory and the quality of classroom discussion is very high. I got a lot out of this.”

Anusha B.

“This workshop is really worth going... There is so much you can learn in the workshop. This is a nice experience since you can meet others and learn. Well spent weekend, Francesco teaches very well. He has lot of knowledge and also makes it simple for others to understand. I would highly recommend this workshop for everyone who wants to learn ML.”

Demetris R.

“Francesco is very knowledgeable and a very good instructor. I came in with just a bit of experience in data analysis and found the analytics course to be extremely engaging and useful; the pace, class-size, and material was perfectly balanced in a way that served people at many different experience levels.”

Upcoming Schedule

5-day Bootcamp
San Jose
Nov 5 - 9

5-day Bootcamp
Nov 19 - 23

5-day Bootcamp
New York
Dec 3 - 7

5-day Bootcamp
San Francisco
Dec 10 - 14

 Why attend this Bootcamp

  • Need to upskill – fast!

  • Want a solid overview of ML and DL techniques

  • Work in a company where ML and DL is becoming increasingly important (most companies)

  • Are working in a project, or have an upcoming project which requires ML and DL skills

  • Are a manager and need a robust understanding of ML and DL to manage your team

  • Want to upskill to access new employment opportunities or promotions

  • Are considering taking an advanced Computer Science degree and want an overview of Machine Learning and Deep Learning to help decide where to focus

Our participants come from top tier Silicon Valley companies, as well as start-ups. We regularly conduct in house training at the top tech companies in the world, and our teaching is best in class.


Our trainings run for
5 consecutive days giving
you focused time to learn.


You learn best by doing.
Our trainings are 50% theory, 50% practical.
You will code from the first session
with in-person support.


Guest lectures from global experts,
labs with personalized troubleshooting -
we optimize the training to accelerate
your learning.

Meet your lead instructor
Francesco Mosconi

Francesco is the author of the Zero to Deep Learning book and founder of Catalit Data Science. He works at the cutting edge of Machine and Deep Learning training. Clients include both startups and Fortune 500s.

His experience includes:

• Lead Data Science instructor at General Assembly and The Data Incubator
• Trainer at conferences including Pybay, ODSC, TDWI, AINext
• Chief Data Officer and co-founder at Spire, a YC company that invented the first wearable device tracking breathing
• Joint PhD in biophysics at University of Padua and Université de Paris VI

Francesco was great in designing and delivering this course with a great team participation. The course has well balanced theory and hands on practical coding sessions. Really like the impromptu ‘competitions' which kept us engaged and learning. Thoroughly enjoyed and highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to take their ML knowledge to next and practical level.”

- Ramesh D.

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