Frequently Asked Questions


+ Why Zero to Deep Learning?

You will be hands-on from the first session. Our curriculum is an ideal mix of theory and practical, refined over 50 trainings. We deliver content in an engaging, fun and practical way, and our graduates commonly tell us Zero to Deep Learning is one of the best trainings they have ever attended.

+ Why a 5-day Bootcamp over online or 1-2 day trainings?

There are many great online courses. Though our students repeatedly tell us online trainings can only develop your practical skills so far. They require discipline to focus and stay on task, with continual distractions from your work, your boss, your family. Short 1-2 day courses are also useful, though immersive 5-day trainings accelerate your skill development the fastest. This is why our course is structured to provide you 5-days of dedicated focus where your work and personal life align to give you the required space to learn. Combined with and our immersive learning environment, you will maximize your practical skill development.

+ Are there any pre-requisites?

~1 year of experience in Python and basic knowledge of linear algebra.

We ask you to self-rate your Python experience in the application. Once you're registered, we will send you pre-work to help you prepare for Bootcamp.

+ What is included in the training?

  • 5-days in-person training led by Francesco Mosconi, expert ML and DL trainer
  • Customized hands-on labs developed to maximize your learning
  • Ability to download your labs at the end of the training
  • Access to a cloud GPU during the training and for 2-weeks afterwards
  • Expert advisory on your project between 5-6pm Mon-Thurs of the Bootcamp
  • Self-directed pre-work program to develop your Python skills (if required)
  • Live Slack support during the Bootcamp
  • Membership of the Zero to Deep Learning Slack and Facebook community to help with any challenges you're facing, and posting of career opportunities
  • One copy of the Zero to Deep Learning book
  • Breakfast, lunch, all-day refreshments
  • A really fun 5-days!

+ Why Python?

Python is the standard in data science and machine learning. It has a very mature set of libraries and a large user base. It's easy to learn and it's a full stack programming language that caters to data scientists and software engineers. You can build anything with Python.

+ Why Keras?

Keras is the simplest deep learning library for Python and it is fully integrated with Tensorflow. It allows for easy and fast prototyping, it supports most popular model types, and it comes with lots of tools to make deep learning approachable and fun

+ Why Tensorflow?

Tensorflow is the most popular machine learning and deep learning library and it allows to perform deep learning at scale. It is conceived for Google-size datasets and deployments and it has both a high-level and low-level API. It's ecosystem includes much more than neural networks, spanning from probability models to decision trees.

+ What's your Refund policy?

The following policy is applied to cancellations:

  • Full refund of registration up to 30 days before first day of course

  • 50% refund between 7-30 days before first day of course for a cancellation. Transfer to another course at the discretion of Zero to Deep Learning with the charge of a transfer fee

  • 0% refund within 7 days of course for a cancellation. Transfer to another course at the discretion of Zero to Deep Learning with the charge of a transfer fee